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Protecting Portland’s Eyes At Work & Play

Your eyes are the pathway by which you experience the world’s beauty. Doing what you can to prevent eye injuries just makes sense. Your first and foremost line of defence is proper eye protection. At McBride Vision Clinic we carry an assortment of eyewear to protect your eyes from chemical contact, sun damage, and sports injuries.

Ask our opticians about what specialty eyewear you might need, or browse our brands.

Sports Eyewear

An athlete would never balk at the idea of ensuring they have the best safety padding or helmet, but often forget to consider protecting their eyes. Luckily we’re here to remind you. The best sports performance is always enhanced by clear vision. Whether you need goggles for swimming, performance sunglasses for tennis, or just sun protection for jogging, we’ve got you, and your eyes, covered.

Safety Glasses

Coverage does not always mean protection. When it comes to the the jobsite, you need a more rigorous form of eyewear. It’s important that your safety glasses stay in place all day and protect your eyes from all angles. Plus, they must fit well with the rest of your safety protective clothing – hard hat, coveralls, or even headphones.

If your safety glasses are to stand up to the rigors of your work then they must be made strong. All safety glasses are designed with distinct resilience and made out of the most durable materials. Performance tested for crushing, droppage, velocity, and chemicals, you know they’re made to withstand the elements.

When you require a prescription, safety glasses become a more complicated issue. You can’t work without your glasses, but you can’t wear your glasses under your safety eyewear! Prescription safety glasses give you the protection you need without hindering your eyesight. Clearly the best choice for at work.

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