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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Laser Eye Surgery in Portland

Refractive eye surgery has changed the lives of millions of people. The technological advancements in laser eye surgery also means that it is becoming an option for more people all the time. If you’ve ever imagined waking up with clear vision, talk to one of the optometrists at McBride Vision Clinic.

A Consultation With Us

We test your eyes with a thorough eye exam to discover all that we can about your sight, and the health of your eyes. From there, we can determine what level of correction you need and what is the best type of surgery for your eyes.

We will explain the procedure to you so you know what will happen each step of the way. We’ll also explain the the pre and postoperative care that will be necessary before and after your procedure. This is your opportunity to ask us any questions about the short and long term impacts of this surgery. The consultation is only over when you are satisfied with our explanations.

Trust Us With Your Eye Health

Based on the results of your consultation, we will refer you to an ophthalmologist for your surgery. We only refer our patients to the best ophthalmologists in the Portland area for the safety of your eyes.

After your surgery, we follow up with you to ensure the healing process is going well, and to intermittently test your vision. Your eyes will feel better within weeks, but clear acuity may take up to 6 months to develop.

Types of Laser Refractive Surgery

Today, there are a number of corrective surgery procedures available to you. Based on your eye exam we will help you choose which is the right choice for your eyes and lifestyle.

PRK was the first surgery that used lasers and is still the doctor’s choice for patients with thin corneas or dry eyes. In photorefractive keratectomy, your surgeon uses a laser to remove the outer layer of your cornea. The area underneath is then reshaped with a laser, correcting the refractive error.

This procedure is done on one eye at a time, with about a week or two in between. PRK takes only 10 to 15 minutes per eye. Postoperative care includes a bandage contact lens until the cornea heals and eye drops for 4 to 6 weeks.

LASIK is the most common laser eye surgery in practice today. Your doctor creates a flap of your corneal tissue and then reshapes the cornea beneath with a laser to solve refractive issues. The flap is replaced allowing for a much shorter healing time. LASIK eye surgery generally takes about 15 minutes per eye.

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