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The Eye Care Team for Raleigh Hills & West Slope

We believe in providing you with excellent vision care with a one-on-one approach. Every time you visit our office we aim to exceed your expectations with quality service. Eye exams, eyewear, and various vision treatments should fit into your lifestyle and schedule. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the comprehensive attention you deserve.

We Love to Meet New Patients!

Eye care should fit your schedule. In an effort to serve you better, we’ve created a New Patient Center. You can fill out all your forms online instead of at your first visit to our clinic, helping streamline the process for you. Take our virtual office tour for a look inside our practice before you see us in person. We want your time with us to be quality time.

New patients receive 15% off their first visit! Fill out your new patient forms online!

You’re Part of the McBride Vision Family

When you and your children step into our office you’re now part our family. You can rest easy knowing your family’s eyes are well taken care of. Annual eye exams give us a chance to test your vision and the health of your eyes. Kids get the best chance at school with proper vision, and we can screen for any warning signs of ocular diseases. Your vision is our job.

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Dry eye is a condition that affects a great deal of people. When your eyes do not produce basal tears to keep the eyes lubricated and hydrated, they become irritated and red. In some cases, dry eye can create a gritty sensation, excessive watering, or even blurry vision. If left untreated, you could suffer from chronic eye inflammation, eye infections, or scratches on the cornea.

Relief from dry eye comes in many forms: eye drops and creams, supplements, or tear duct plugs. Visit our Dry Eye Clinic for expert care for this condition. Our dry eye doctor can recommend the treatment most beneficial to your particular situation.

Talk to a doctor about your dry eye treatment.

We are passionate about giving eye health and proper vision to those in need. Not everyone has health insurance or an opportunity to go to an optometrist. Some communities in developing countries don’t have an eye care practitioner at all! Knowing the impact eyesight has on the lives of these people, we have dedicated our time and resources to giving back.

As a member of the American Optometric Association, we take part with VISION USA to provide free eye exams to low-income, uninsured Americans. We also work with Optometry Giving Sight to help provide individuals in underdeveloped countries get the eyecare and glasses they might need to live a normal life with great vision.

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We are located on SW Apple Way in the community of Beaverton, Oregon.

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McBride Vision Clinic
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