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Eye and Vision Exams from Our Portland, OR Optometrist

At McBride Vision Clinic, we offer residents of Portland, OR and the surrounding area, a variety of vision exams to detect eye conditions and make certain you can see well. We advise you to schedule an early examination, especially if you have an eye condition. Our Portland & Beaverton eye doctor also offers an Ortho-K examination, so you have the option of gas permeable lenses.

women visits Portland optometrist for an eye and vision exam

Eye Examination 

Our Portland and Beaverton optometrist provides you with a comprehensive eye exam. We supply a visual acuity test to test your vision up close and far away. If we find vision impairment, our eye doctors in Portland will prescribe contacts or glasses fitted for your eyes.

During your examination, we will also screen for refractive errors, an irregularity in the spherical shape of the eye and prescribe corrective eyewear designed for this condition. Special lenses such as toric lenses are able to correct astigmatism

Screening for Eye Conditions 

During your examination with McBride Vision Clinic in Portland, we also screen your eyes for certain eye conditions.

•​ Glaucoma screening - We check the pressure in your eye to help us to diagnose the condition.

•​ Cataracts - We determine visual impairment through a visual acuity examination. If during our comprehensive examination we suspect cataracts are the culprits of your vision impairment we will start our methods to delay the condition before implementing an invasive approach.

•​ Macular degeneration - A condition usually stemming from age and a condition we are able to slow the progression of.

•​ Diabetic retinopathy - A condition where excessive sugar or high glucose levels make changes in the blood vessels causing them to weaken, leak or even not function at all. This condition typically occurs in patients with diabetes but in some cases, we detect the condition before patients even know they have diabetes. 

Ortho-K Examination  

Our Portland optometrist can conduct an Ortho-K examination if you would like gas permeable lenses. These contacts are a special type of lenses only worn while sleeping and taken out once awake. While users are sleeping, they reform the eye to correct eye shape issues which are causing vision issues.

The contacts correct refractive issues such as astigmatism that cause light to improperly reflect on the retina. The examination process for these lenses is a bit more extensive than a regular lens examination. 

Schedule a Comprehensive Vision Examination in Portland

Contact the McBride Vision Clinic in Portland, OR at (503) 297-4183 to schedule your eye and vision exam.

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