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Treatment for Dry Eyes in Beaverton at McBride Vision Clinic

Our optometrist, here at McBride Vision Clinic, offers treatment for dry eyes in Beaverton. Dry eye refers to a condition where your eyes do not produce enough basal tears or the tears produced do not provide enough lubrication. The most common type of dry eye is known as dry eye syndrome. It occurs when the watery layer of your basal tears is insufficient.Woman calling a optomitrist in Beaverton at McBride Vision Clinic

Basal Tears

Basal tears are not the tears that are produced when you are experiencing high levels of emotion. They are produced by glands in your upper eyelids specifically to lubricate and hydrate your eye. Basal tears are comprised of three layers, including a mucus layer, a watery layer and an oily layer.

Causes of Dry Eye

Age plays a big part in the development of dry eye. As we age, the tear glands tend to produce fewer tears or tears that are not properly formulated. Women are more prone to developing dry eye than men, especially if they are in or post menopause and taking hormone replacement therapy.

Certain types of drugs can cause dry eye, including certain types of allergy medications, birth control pills, blood pressure medications and medications that are used to treat depression.

If you have an immune system disorder, like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, you may be at risk of developing dry eye, and skin conditions around the eyes and on the eyelids can contribute to dry eye.

Environmental conditions can also contribute to dry eye symptoms. If you live in an area where the outside air is dry or you frequently sit in front of an air conditioning or heater vent, you may experience dry eye symptoms.

Dry Eye Symptoms

  • Blurry Vision
  • Excessive Watering
  • Eye Irritation
  • Eye Pain or Burning
  • Gritty Sensations
  • Red Eyes

Dry Eye Complications

If you suspect you have dry eye, you should schedule an appointment with our dry eye doctor for an examination. Untreated dry eye can lead to chronic eye inflammation, scratches on the cornea and eye infections.

Dry Eye Treatment in Beaverton 

Our optometrist offers several different forms of dry eye treatment, including eye drops and creams and supplements, including fish oil. If these treatments do not provide you with the desired results, we may recommend temporary or permanent tear duct plugs, which prevent your basal tears from draining through your tear ducts.

Drops and Creams

Eye drops and creams can help keep your eyes lubricated. Our dry eye doctor recommends using drops during the day to help alleviate your symptoms and creams at night to help keep your eyes lubricated while you sleep.


Certain supplements, like fish oil, may help improve your dry eye symptoms. Our optometrist recommends fish oil supplements that have their Omega-3 fatty acids in triglyceride form. Fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acids in long-chain form, which means your body does not have to convert them into EPA and DHA, which are the essential fats used by your eyes.

Temporary and Permanent Tear Duct Plugs

In some instances, our eye doctor may recommend temporary or permanent tear duct plugs. Temporary tear duct plugs are inserted into your tear ducts to stop your basal tears from draining from your eyes. Over time, the temporary plugs dissolve. If they provided you with relief from your dry eye symptoms, our optometrist may recommend permanent tear duct plugs, which perform the same function as the temporary plugs, except they do not dissolve.

To schedule an appointment with our dry eye doctor in Portland for your eye irritation, call us at (503) 297-4183.


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