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Posted on 08-18-2016

Why Do I Need Annual Eye Exams?

Children, adults, and seniors should all get annual eye exams. At McBride Vision Clinic, we help our patients by providing annual eye exams to the people of the Portland area. For eye exams in Beaverton and the surrounding community, McBride Vision Clinic is your source for fast appointments and accurate results.

Woman getting an eye exam in Portland

Reasons for Children’s Eye Exams

If you have a child, his or her first eye exam should take place around age 6 months. From that point forward, eye exams should happen every year. We recommend that older children get their annual eye exams before starting school in the fall. Here's why:

  • Children need clear vision to succeed in school. Many of the everyday tasks that children perform at school, such as reading books and paying attention to the board, require clear vision. Children who can't see properly may struggle to complete school assignments.

  • Some eye health and vision problems caught early enough can be reversible. Children heal very quickly, especially when they're young. Waiting to get your child a vision exam can lead to permanent damage.

  • Some vision problems can be misdiagnosed as behavior disorders. Children who can't see properly may find it difficult to focus on homework assignments and school work. Sometimes this is misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD.

  • Young children don't know when their vision is unclear. Children with vision problems often can't tell their vision is blurry, so it's up to the eye doctor to determine when a child needs prescription lenses.

Reasons for Adult Eye Exams

Children aren't the only people who need annual eye exams! We recommend that adults see their eye doctors every year as well.

  • Clear vision is needed to succeed in the work place. Just as children need clear vision to see at school, adults need clear vision to see at work.

  • Clear vision is not the only reason to get an eye exam. During your eye exam, your eye doctor will also check for vision health problems like glaucoma.

  • Eye exams can prevent serious problems like blindness. Some eye health problems can lead to more serious issues, like blindness. Catching these diseases early can save your vision.

Reasons for Senior Eye Exams

Even after they've left the workplace, seniors still need annual eye exams.

  • Seniors may be at higher risk for eye health problems. Glaucoma and cataracts are more common in older adults.

  • Clear vision is important for safe driving. Seniors who drive must be able to see the road properly.

  • Even adults who have never needed corrective lenses can develop vision problems. Vision problems can occur at any time, at any age.

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At McBride Vision Clinic, we're your source for Beaverton eye exams. To find out more about our annual eye exams, or to make an appointment, contact us today at (503) 297-4183.

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