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Posted on 08-23-2017

Regular Eye Exams Help Protect Your Vision Throughout Life in Portland & Beaverton

Experts recommend making regular eye exams part of your normal healthcare routine, along with visits to the doctor. Many medical conditions can affect the health of your eyes and the ability to see clearly. In addition, good vision is important to your productivity and safety.

People often believe they see fine, but an examination can detect small changes that require a change in prescription, or may even signal a serious health problem. When you schedule a regular eye exam, you are ensuring that your vision will get the proper care to allow you to see clearly throughout your life.

visual acuity test and glasses at McBride Vision Optometrist Clinic in Portland & Beaverton

Signs You Need an Eye Exam

If you are experiencing frequent headaches, it may mean your eyes are working too hard to focus, causing increased strain. Your optometrist can determine if you need a stronger prescription or other vision correction to eliminate straining your eyes.

Some people experience blurring of vision or double vision. These problems can signal a serious eye disease and should be checked regularly by a vision professional. If you have persistent redness of the eyes or notice decreased peripheral vision, you should see a Portland eye doctor immediately. If your vision seems to have dark areas or seems “veiled,” you should see a doctor. If you have a family history of eye disease, you should get regular eye exams to ensure problems are caught in the early stages.

Any pain in the eyes can signal a problem that needs immediate treatment. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you should see your optometrist annually, or as recommended by your physician, to detect eye problems associated with this condition. If you experience any injury to your eyes, you should make an appointment to get your vision checked and ensure no long-term damage has occurred.

What You Can Expect During Your Eye Exam

Your Portland eye doctor will take a few moments to discuss your general health, your work environment and your family history of eye problems. Our optometrist will then do a variety of tests to provide information on various aspects of your eyes and your vision. A hand-held lens and device will allow the doctor to examine the structures within your eyes. The reflexes of your pupils will be tested, as well. You will be asked to read from a chart to determine how well you see without corrective lenses and with them. Our doctor will also check how your eyes track together and whether there any strain on eye muscles.

Let McBride Vision Clinic Be Your Portland & Beaverton Eye Doctor

The vision professionals at our McBride Vision Clinic are dedicated to providing superior eye care to our patients in Portland and Beaverton, as well surrounding communities. Contact McBride Vision Clinic today at 503-297-4183 for an appointment to have your eyes checked. Start protecting your vision for the future.

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