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Posted on 09-13-2016

Computer Vision Solutions at McBride Vision Clinic in Portland and Beaverton

If you frequently experience headaches and blurry vision after looking at your computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone, you may have computer vision syndrome (CVS). In order to understand CVS, you must first understand blue light, which is the light that is emitted from computer screens and other digital devices. Blue light is comprised of shorter wavelengths than other colors of light, which gives it more energy and causes it to penetrate deep into the eyes. Blue light also tends to scatter, forcing the eyes to work harder in order to focus. Thankfully, our optometrists, serving Portland and Beaverton, can provide you with computer vision solutions.

Woman on her Computer having vision problems

Signs and Symptoms of Computer Vision in Beaverton

It is estimated that individuals spend nine or more hours a day staring at digital screens, according to a report by The Vision Council. Of the digital devices used, The Vision Council found that 52 percent of individuals used a desktop computer most of the day. Slightly less than 58 percent of people used a laptop computer. Nearly 70 percent of people spend long hours on their cell phones and 72 percent spend time watching TV. If you use all of these devices on a daily basis, you can expect to develop one or more symptoms of computer vision in Beaverton. This is especially true is you have another eye ailment.

  • Blurry Vision or Difficulty Focusing
  • Dry Eye or Red Eyes
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain

Computer Vision Treatment with our Beaverton Optometrists

Our Beaverton optometrists can examine your eyes to determine if you are suffering from digital eye strain or another eye ailment, like nearsightedness, farsightedness astigmatism or dry eye that could be exasperating your symptoms, and provide you with several computer vision treatment options.

  • Advice on Improving Your Environment – Improving the lighting and reducing computer screen glare can help reduce the possibility of eye strain while you are working on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. You may also choose to use an anti-glare screen on your digital devices.
  • Comprehensive Eye Health Exam – Individuals with undiagnosed eye problems and outdated corrective lens prescriptions are more prone to digital eye strain than individuals without eye health problems. If you need a new glasses or contact lens prescription, our optometrist can examine your eyes and provide you with a new prescription.
  • Computer Vision Glasses – Computer vision glasses are special glasses that block blue light to help reduce your CVS symptoms.
  • Ergonomics – You should always use proper posture while using your digital device. If you are working at a desk, make sure your monitor is at a height where you can easily read it without tilting your head up or down.

For more information on CVS and to schedule an appointment, call us at 503-297-4183. Our optometrist is currently offering 15 percent off all new patient first exams.

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